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Prepare for your Initiation

Choose an Archangel
Angel Water Recipe
Initiation Script

This initiation requires lots of supplies.  Don’t be annoyed by this, try to see it as building your set of angelic working tools. Everything you will acquire and gather can be used again (except the olives that you will eat during the initiation!). Below is a list of supplies you will need, but there is also one piece of knowledge you will need:  you have to know which way is north, south, east and west.  Figure them out and if you need help remembering, mark it on the floor near where you set up your altar. (I use small pieces of paper scotchtaped to the carpet with N, E, S or W written on them)


1.  You will need two olives, one black and one green. Grocery stores have both kinds of olives. The black ones usually come in cans, the green ones in jars with pimentos stuffed inside each green olive. (You don’t have to take the pimento out of the green olive you use for your initiation, but you can if you want to!)

2.   Fan.  A hand-held fan, you know like the kind ladies used to hold up to their faces.  If you can’t find one, make one. Use a stick or flat piece of wood (like from a yardstick) and a piece of cardboard.  Cut it in a big fan shape (half-moon, half-circle shape).  Or if all else fails, make a fan like the ones you made in school, by folding a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 paper like an accordian, grasping the bottom tightly (as a handle) and fanning open the top. Simple instructions, no picture, go here. These websites,  Plum Blossom Fan and Handcrafted Paper Fans each have complete instructions to make a fan yourself, but you don’t have to do yours exactly like the ones shown, you can just use their folding and cutting instructions.

3.  Incense and incense burner

4.  Red Candle

5.  Knife or sword

6.  Bowl or plate with a little bit of salt in it

7.  Elemental Cross:  You can make one using a paper plate.  Draw a circle with a giant plus sign inside it (equal bar cross) Looks like this:    Cut out the quadrants if you want.  You can make one in other ways, too, feel free to be creative and be sure to share with us how you made yours so that if any future initiates need ideas we can help them out.

8.  Pitcher of plain water (or bottle of water if you don’t have a pitcher) This water is different from the Angel water mentioned below

9.  Goblet or chalice (drinking glass if you can’t acquire either of these)

10.  Choose an Archangel to align yourself to, details on making this choice here.

11.  Angel water.  You will need to make your own Angel water in advance of performing the initiation.  Below is the recipe and ingredients needed for it.  You will also need these supplies for your Angel Water-making ritual.  You will later use these same supplies as tools of the trade for angel workers.  Details about each one are given below in the Angel Water section but here is a simple list so you can start gathering.
Crystal bowl or clear-glass bowl
Spring water or holy water
Quartz crystal or other special stone
Essential oil (Lavender if you can)
Flower petals

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HOW TO MAKE ANGEL WATER            Back to Top

Angel colors, musical instruments and other things that go with each of the Big Four Archangels are listed in the table below if you would like to choose something to represent such energies during your ritual.  Below the table is the list of ingredients needed to make your angel water.

Direction: East
Time of Day: Dawn
Colors: Yellow, blue, gold
Essential Oil: Rose, Lavender, Lily of the Valley
Stones: Citrine, Moss Agate, Rose Quartz, Quartz
Musical Instruments: Wind Instruments
(Season – Spring; Element – Air; Astrological Sign – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Direction: South
Time of Day: Noon
Colors: Red or Scarlet
Essential Oil: Bougainvillea, Citrus, Lilac, Patchouli, Clove, Frankincense, Nutmeg
Stones: Red Jasper, Bloodstone
Musical Instrument: String Instruments
(Season – Summer; Element – Fire; Astrological Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Direction: West
Time of Day: Dusk
Colors: Blue or Aquamarine
Essential Oil: Chamomile, Myrrh, Night-Blooming Cereus, Hyacinth, Iris, Jasmine
Stones: Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Tourmaline
Musical Instrument: Singing bowls, cymbals, resonant metals
(Season – Fall; Element – Water; Astrological Sign – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)
Direction: North
Time of Day: Midnight
Colors: Green and Brown
Essential Oil: Pine, Musk, Bayberry, Frankincense, Patchouli, Honeysuckle, Myrrh
Stones: Jade, Quartz, Obsidian
Musical Instrument: Drum
(Season – Winter; Element – Earth; Astrological Sign: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Recipe for Angel Water based on all four Archangels:

1.  Small bowl of holy water or pure spring water. (If you have access to a crystal or clear-glass bowl, that is great. It will resonate well with angelic workings).

2.  Special stone or quartz crystal.  You may choose any special stone, and cleanse and charge it and put it next to your bowl of water. All stones are ancient (literally millions of years old) and hold great wisdom and powerful planetary energies.  Ask the stone to charge the water with its energies, then thank it.

3.  Two or three drops Lavender essential oil (If you can’t get this, use olive oil).  You may substitute here any oil from one of the Archangel’s lists above.

4.  Several rose petals. (If you cannot get fresh roses, use other flower petals. If you can’t get any kind of flower petal, use one of the following essential oils:  Rose, Geranium or Ylang Ylang)

5.  Bell (soundwaves from a bell resonate well with the Angels.  This “recipe” has non-physical elements in it, because we are working with our non-physical allies.)

6.  Other items:  Angel colors and instruments were listed above if you would like to choose something to represent such energies during your ritual.

INSTRUCTIONS How to Make your Angel Water             Back to Top
Place your cleansed and charged quartz crystal (or other stone) next to the bowl. Ask the crystal to put its energies into the water, then thank it.

Face all four of the directions, one at a time, and ring a bell. Start with East, go to South, then West and end with North. Ring the bell at least three times at each station.

Now dab the water on your forehead.  Then your chin, followed by breastbone (the top middle of your chest). Then dab some on the back of each hand, the left first.  The remainder of your new angel water can be placed in a special vial or bottle and used in your future angel workings.  Dab it on just as described above or for an abbreviated version, just on your forehead. (Remember, do not ingest essential oils, and don’t work with essential oils you may be allergic to).

CHOOSING AN ARCHANGEL to align with                Back to Top

You need to choose at least one (no more than two) of the great Archangels to align yourself with.  During the initiation you will be asked to make your choice.  Prepare in advance.

Choosing your Archangel should be a well-thought out decision. Take all things into consideration, go back over the lessons in the Study Hall which cover each of the big four Archangels. Even your favorite color could be a factor! Below is some additional information that might help you decide, but ultimately the decision must be your own. The Archangels will guide you in your decision. (Must choose at least 1, can choose no more than 2 for now).

Raphael – Raphael is the Archangel of the East. His name means God heals, and he has long been associated with healing. If you are a healer of any kind, he may be the angel to align yourself with. He is also the Angel of the Intellect. Are you extremely thoughtful, a thinker; are you in to studying, books or are you math & science-oriented? A brainiac, so to speak? Is your favorite color yellow, gold or purple? When working with the Elements, are you most drawn to Air? Are you an Air sign, astrologically? When working with Raphael, you will most likely be healing or working with your mind and its abilities in order to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance.

Michael – Michael is the Archangel of the South. Are you passionate and extremely spiritual? Are you prone to spiritual warfare? A “prayer warrior”? Is your favorite color red or green? When working with the Elements, are you most drawn to Fire? Are you a Fire sign, astrologically? When working with Michael, you will most likely be working in the area of spiritual (astral) warfare or prayer battle to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance.

Gabriel – Gabriel is the Archangel of the West, and has a masculine and feminine form.  He is most known as Gabriel, the male angel, but his feminine half is called Gabrielle.  The two are sort of “married.” Gabrielle: Are you caring and compassionate? Do you counsel other people and listen to their problems? A nurturer? Is your favorite color blue or orange? When working with the Elements, are you most drawn to Water? Are you a Water sign, astrologically? When working with Gabrielle or Gabriel, you will most likely be working to counsel people and show them love on an individual level in order to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance. Gabriel:  Messenger for God, and also a battle  / warrior angel, fights alongside Michael.

Auriel – Auriel is the Archangel of the North, and often thought to be female. Are you charitable and active? Do you like to get out there and do things that you can see are making the world better? An activist? Is your favorite color green? When working with the Elements, are you most drawn to Earth? Are you an Earth sign, astrologically? When working with Auriel, you will most likely be working to help the world in a very active way, perhaps through volunteering or activism, in order to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance.  Uriel is the male counterpart of this Archangel, he is quite famous and was called in ancient Jewish lore, Phaniel and Oriel.  He was thought to have been lost in battle with demons, and his “wife” angel, Aurora Auriel then took his place as one of the four great archangels of the directions.  Then later Uriel was restored by God/dess, and both of them hold the post of the North now, just as Gabriel and Gabrielle work as a pair.  This marriage of angels concept is called in Kabbalah, “twin-flames.”

Sandalphon – Sandalphon is one of the two protectors of the Qabalah, and he/she is also the Guardian of the lowest of the 10 spheres on the Tree of Life, called Malkuth, “the Kingdom”, or our manifest universe / planet as we know it. Are you mysterious and focused? Do you like to delve into the inner Mysteries of things? A magician? Is your favorite color black? When working with Sandalphon, you will most likely be working very closely with the Angelic Mysteries and practicing behind-the-scenes magik to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance.

Metatron – Metatron, twin of Sandalphon, is the other protector of the Qabalah. Metatron is the Guardian of the top-most sphere on the Tree of Life, that of Kether the Crown. Are you outspoken and intuitive? Do you like to speak your mind and know what’s on the minds of others? A little psychic? Is your favorite color white? When working with Metatron, you will most likely be working very closely with the Godhead, perhaps even as a prophet (if that is your calling) and as a counselor at large in order to further the mission of the Angelic Alliance.

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When you have all your supplies, arrange your altar thus:  Use any table for your altar if you don’t have a special altar already.  It can face any direction.  Most people try to have their altars facing East (required in many forms of magikal workings, but not in angel working, and some folks like to face North, but every altar symbolizes the center of the universe and an angelic altar can face any direction you choose because the angels, as God’s representatives among us, are EVERYwhere.  In some workings such as the Sunday Surge Ritual we do suggest you face East, but for this rite there are no restrictions.  If it is an existing altar that you’ve used before, clear it completely of any other items.  Then place the special tools and supplies for this Initiation on it. Put your incense and burner in the middle, with the fan to its right, the knife to the right of the fan. Put the red candle to the left of the incense burner (so that it’s just left of center). Put the small bowl or plate of salt in the front of the incense burner, with your elemental cross beside it or further beyond it. Any other items, such as the pitcher of water and goblet, etc. can be arranged as you see fit.  Be sure to know which way is north, south, east and west.

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First Degree Initiation

Summoning the Four Archangels
Entering the Holy Temple

Visualize yourself at the entrance to a great heavenly Temple, set high on a snow-capped mountain. The temple exterior is made up of white marble, with intermittent bits of blue here and there. You are standing below four tall columns at the entrance. Two of the columns are on the left, two of them are on the right. The two columns on the left are composed of blue and green marble, while the two columns on the right are composed of yellow and red marble. You enter the temple slowly, climbing seven steps one at a time…

[Image] I. The Temple Hall of Archangel Raphael

You enter the first high ceilinged temple room, called a Hall.  You see that this Hall is made up entirely of the spectacular yellow marble like one of the columns outside. It is decorated with statues of the great sages and philosophers of the ages, such as the Prophet Moses, the Prophetess Miriam, the Prophet Elijah, Solomon the Wise, Yeshua the Krist, Mary the Magdala, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Buddha, Zoroaster, the Lady of the Lake, and many other enlightened Masters and Healers. In the center of this great yellow Hall is a circular shaped altar.  It is covered with a gorgeous purple altar cloth.  A staff is standing in a floor-socket beside the altar, it is tall and golden and you recognize the top part as the Caduceus Wand, universal symbol of healing.  On the altar are the Torah, the Vedas, Upanishads, the Septuagint Bible, the Eddas of Scandinavia, the Book of Raziel and other holy scripture books and scrolls from around our world.  The books and scrolls are arranged in a circle around the edge of the circular altar.  Sitting inside the circle of books is unlit incense in a burner, and a beautiful hand-held fan.

You walk to the altar and pick up the fan. [Pick up your real fan now]  You light the incense on the altar [light your incense], and fan yourself four times. Now sprinkle your angel water in each of the four directions, starting in the East and going to South, West and finishing with North [do so]. After doing this, you proclaim loudly:  [say the following out loud]:

“I respectfully call upon thee, Archangel Raphael, whose name means God Heals. Your presence is most desired. I ask you to please bring to this working your gifts of the Intellect: Thought and Reason.  I hereby ask for initiation into the intellectual mission of the Godhead.”

A luminous being appears, you know without looking that it is Archangel Raphael.  He stands / hovers on the altar.  He nods his head to you as if to agree to your requests.  You clasp your hands in the prayer position and bring them to your chest in a salute of thanks then an ever-so-slight bowing motion before dropping your hands back to your sides. [Do this in real life, facing East.]  This gesture is called the Namaste gesture and is performed in Eastern countries, especially India and Tibet.

Now the Archangel Raphael stretches out his arm and points toward one of the yellow marble walls.  He indicates for you to walk away in the direction he is pointing…

II. The Hall of Archangel Michael

As you approach the wall, part of it suddenly seems to melt and then slides open. You realize that the wall was actually a hidden door, and as you move into the next great Hall of the Temple you immediately realize to whom it is dedicated. The Hall is made up entirely of red marble, with deep green and gold wall hangings and countless martial coats-of-arms and shields. There are many statues of ancient warriors: Joshua, King David, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, King Arthur of Britain, Edward the Black Prince (of Wales) and many others. A great triangular altar stands in the center of the Hall covered in the same deep green translucent fabric as the wall hangings.  It has fringe around the edges.  Placed on that altar is the great sword of King David, beside it lies the famous Excalibur, and the sword of Alexander the Great (once owned by Cleopatra) and several other magikal-sacred swords. The altar is surrounded by several painted and decorated shields.  You know this is appropriate because Archangel Michael is the Protector of Sacral Kingship.  He is the Right Arm of God, too, and is called the Restrainer for the part he plays in keeping the Evil One from completely taking over the world and sucking it dry.

You go to the altar and take the red candle into your hand. Carefully lighting it, you hold it aloft for a moment in salute, then set it back down on the altar.  [Pick up your red candle and then light it.  Place it back on your altar as described]. You then take the knife/sword and wave its blade over the flame four times. [Do so now, then sprinkle the angel water again in each of the four directions, as before, but this time starting in the South and go around clock-wise til you end up in the East.] After doing this, you proclaim loudly: [say the following outloud]

“I call upon thee, Archangel Michael, whose name means Like Unto God. Your honorable presence is most desired. I ask you to please bring to this working your spiritual gifts: Faith and Virtue, Honor and Courage.  I hereby humbly request initiation into the spiritual mission of the Godhead.”

As before you sense his presence without actually “seeing” him.  He hovers now over your altar and nods his head in assent.  You salute him with hands clasped to chest again.  [Now make the Namaste gesture, this time facing the South] You begin walking in the direction Archangel Michael now points…

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Archangel Gabriel

III. The Hall of Archangel Gabriel
Once again, the wall beyond the altar shifts, revealing the next room. As you enter, you are filled with warmth and a sense of floating. The room is made up entirely of blue marble, and there are statues of many of the mothers of the ancients: Eve, Sarai, Gaia, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Demeter, Mary of Nazareth, Ygraine of Britain, Devaki (mother of Krishna), Queen Maya (mother of Buddha) and many others. On the crescent shaped altar is a perfect white lily beside an empty chalice and a pitcher of water.  Behind them is a statue of the Tree of Life, surrounded by a circle of silver apples, pomegranates and eggs.

You proceed to the altar and take up the pitcher of water. [pick up your pitcher or bottle of water] You also pick up the chalice and pour a little of the water in, filling it on the fourth pour. [lift your empty goblet or glass in your left hand and make four pourings, filling it up (but not overflowing!) on the fourth pour.  Then sprinkle the angel water (which is different from the “plain” water in the pitcher) in each of the four directions, this time starting in the West and going clockwise again. After doing this, you proclaim loudly:]

“I call upon thee, Archangel Gabriel, whose name means God’s Power & Might. Your comforting presence is most desired. I ask you to please bring to this working your emotional gifts: Love & Empathy.  I hereby request initiation into the emotional mission of the Godhead.”

Gabriel makes his presence felt and nods his head with a smile.  You salute him with Namaste.  [make namaste gesture as before, this time to the West]  He points toward the wall beyond the altar….

IV. The Hall of Archangel Auriel

The wall shifts once more, and this time you find yourself walking into a room made up entirely of green marble with wall hangings made up of dark amber earth-tones. There are statues of many ancient magi and alchemists, including: the Magi who visited baby Yeshua, the Merlyn of Britain, Solomon the Wise, Akhenaton, Simon Magus, Hermes Trimestigus, Carl Gustav Jung and many others. On the square-shaped altar lies a special “tool.”  It is an elemental cross symbol. It is made of shiny silver and is about the size of a dinner plate.  This symbol is known as the signature of Mother Earth, and is used to this day as the astrological symbol for earth.  The four equal arms of the cross represent the four elements of earth, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and the circle enclosing them is the Fifth element, called variously Spirit or Ether. Beside the elemental cross is a bowl of salt, and on each corner of the square altar is a clay pot of fresh soil.

You go to the altar and take a pinch of the salt. You then cast a little of the salt over your elemental cross four times. [do this with your salt and the elemental cross you made].  Then sprinkle the angel water in each of the four directions, beginning in the North. After doing this, you proclaim loudly: [say the following outloud]

“I call upon thee, Archangel Auriel, whose name means God’s Light. Your nurturing presence is most desired. I ask you to bring to this working your physical gifts: Matter and Energy.  I hereby request initiation into the material mission of the Godhead.”

Auriel appears, hovering over the altar.  This Archangel is female or male, you may see one or the other or both.  Auriel’s male counterpart is Uriel, said to have been lost in battle against the evil armies, then restored “back to life” and to the side of his “wife,” Auriel Earth-Angel. She is also known as Aurora, or Uriel Aurora.  [Image]

Uriel by Esther M. Smith

LEFT:  Archangel Uriel and Aurora Auriel by
Marius Michael-George

Now Auriel/Uriel is nodding her/his head at you and you make the gesture of thanks and salutation:  Namaste.  [make the Namaste to the North].

A/uriel does something unexpected.  S/he takes the elemental cross symbol and places it on the marble floor at your feet. The walls instantly begin to dissolve around you.  The elemental cross-circle at your feet grows larger and larger, filling the entire floor.  A floor without walls, a plane in space. You look down and realize you are standing in the middle of the elemental cross, your feet on the intersection of the bars. The other three Archangels appear now, and all four take their places around the circle, East, West, North and South.  It is your turn to speak…

Hailing and Thanking the Four Great Archangels

Turn to the East, and say:“Hail Raphael, well met! Thank you for bearing gifts to this place and time.”

Now turn to the South, and say:

“Hail Michael, well met! Thank you for bearing gifts to this place and time.”

Now turn to the West, and say:

“Hail Gabriel, well met! Thank you for bearing gifts to this place and time.”

Now turn to the North, and say:

“Hail Auriel, well met! Thank you for bearing gifts to this place and time.”

Summoning the Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron    Back to Top

The Archangels move out of sight and Temple walls form around you again.  It is a Hall you haven’t been in yet, and you immediately notice that the room is divided by color. One half is made up entirely of white marble, while the other is made up entirely of black. Olive trees grow profusely down the center of the room, leading right up to the altar. On the altar are the sacred gifts of bread and wine, and inscribed on the front of the altar is the word: “TSION.”

You look to the left side of the room, which is made up of the black marble. You see one statue, a statue of a naked Goddess whose belly is about to burst. She is the Mother of Fertility, the Goddess of the Earth, daughter of the Great Goddess of the Universe who gave birth to the All. Upon the statue’s base is inscribed the many names of this hidden Goddess: Sophia, Gaia, Magdalene, Holy Spirit, Ishtar-Inanna, and many others. She is the Gate of Malkuth (the Kingdom of Earth). You call upon the Archangel Sandalphon, Guardian of this Kingdom Gate, and the Goddess of earthly manifestation, saying this:

“I call upon thee, Archangel Sandalphon. Your presence is most requested. Show me the gate from matter to spirit, from this world to the next. Bring the presence of Wisdom to this working, may it permeate all that I do.”

You place the black olive in your left hand, but you don’t eat it yet. You turn to the right side of the room, which is made up completely of the white marble. There is a great statue there of four beautiful people, two males, two females, standing back to back, their bodies merging almost into one. You can see none of the four faces clearly because the males are blindingly bright and the female faces are each wearing a beautiful veil. Above the first male face is the letter Yod (Y) , above the first female is the Hebrew letter Heh (H) and the second male has a Vav (V) while the second female has another Heh (H) – making up the Ineffable Name, YHVH. At the foot of the statue are inscribed the 72 mysterious names of the Godhead – called the Shem ha-Mephoresch. You call upon the Archangel Metatron, Guardian of the Qabalah, Angel of the very Presence of God, saying this:

“I call also upon thee, Archangel Metatron. Your holy presence is most desired. Show me the Face of the Divine, the Ineffable Name of Love. Bring me into the Presence, for all to witness my initiation into the Angelic Mysteries.”

Place the green olive into your right hand. Now, first put the black olive on your tongue. Then, place the green olive to its right on your tongue. Now eat both of the olives. The black olive is symbolic of Malkuth, the earthly realm, the created universe, while the green olive is symbolic of the entire Godhead. Olives, food of the ancients, grow abundantly in the Holy Land. (This brings to mind the Mount of Olives, and the Hebrew word Gethsemane means “Olive Press”, because Gethsemane was a garden where olives were pressed into oil for use in the Temple itself).

Now sprinkle the angel water out and away from yourself in all four directions, and then sprinkle it again directly onto yourself from above and then onto your chest.

The wall of the room shifts, but don’t leave the Temple yet.

Greeting and Thanking the Two Holy Archangels

There is a mirror on the wall next to the statue of the Godhead in the white half of the Hall. You are standing in front of it. Now look away from the mirror, symbolizing turning first to the outer world that you are a part of, the world sacred to the Earth Goddess. Thank the Guardian of Malkuth for his/her presence, saying these words:

“Hail Sandalphon, well met! Thank you for bearing your gifts to this place and time.”

Now turn back toward the mirror, symbolizing turning to your inner temple, to the Godhead within you. Thank the Guardian of the Kabbalah for his presence, saying these words:

“Hail Metatron, well met! Thank you for bearing your gifts to this place and time.”

The Fourteen Vows

You pass into the next room, which is made up entirely of white, gold, and blue marble. A woman – or angel? – has her back turned to you, but you can tell that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. She is singing a melody in an ancient tongue to the Godhead, as harp music plays in the background. She turns to you now, a crown of star-shaped diamonds in her hair. She speaks to you:

Hail Friend of the Angels, Practitioner of Light-Working. I am the Queen of the Angels, the Lady of the Heavenly Hosts. Now it is time to make your vows of allegiance to the Angelic realm.  Do you vow to seek wisdom in all that you do, and to impart the wisdom you gain to other wisdom-seekers?

Assuming you agree, answer: I swear by Sandalphon, Guardian of Wisdom, that I do.

The Queen of the Angels speaks again:

Child of the Godhead, light within Light, I am the Blessed Mother of Inner Light. Therefore, do you vow to be understanding even if you are not understood? Do you vow, further, to help others better understand the workings of Heaven and Earth?

Your response: I swear by Gabriel, Guardian of Understanding, that I do.

She speaks a third time:

Fruit of Gnosis, child of the Vine, I am the One Who Knows. Therefore, do you vow to seek both outer and inner knowledge? Do you vow to seek the knowledge of the hidden, as well as the knowledge of the obvious?

Respond: I swear by Sandalphon and Uriel, Guardians of Inner and Outer Knowledge, that I do.

The Queen asks you:

Follower of the Word, light of the Way, I have given birth to the Logos since time immemorial. Therefore, do you vow to seek the counsel of the Godhead and of the Wise as often as you need counsel? Do you further vow to offer good and wise counsel to those who ask it?

Response: I swear by Raphael, Guardian of Counsel, that I do.

She continues:

Lion of Judah, sword of the Krist, I have given rise to bravery and strength. Therefore, do you vow to be brave in the face of persecution? Do you further vow to be strong for those who are weak, to be powerful for those who are powerless?

Response: I swear by Michael, Guardian of Fortitude, that I do.

She goes on to say:

Son/Daughter of the Father, fruit of the Spirit, I have known you since before you were in your mother’s womb. Therefore, do you vow to have respect for the Godhead of your ancestors, the Quaternity – Father, Mother, Logos, and Spirit – now and forever? Do you further vow to live your life for them, to hold them in all that you say and do?

Response: I swear by Metatron, Guardian of Piety, that I do.

She asks for yet another vow:

Heaven’s warrior, Krist’s peace, I have brought you into the Presence of the Godhead, and I will bring you into it again. Therefore, do you vow to be filled with wonder and awe at the workings of the Godhead, both in outer and inner worlds?  Do you further vow to love the Godhead with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might and with all your mind, and to love others, because the Godhead is within us all?

Response: I swear by Metatron, Guardian of Wonder and Awe, that I do.

The Queen of the Angel smiles merrily, and says:

These vows have been sworn before the Godhead, before the Angels, and before the Wise Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam (wise mortals who have ascended). We have heard these vows, and we accept them. We have heard you, and we accept you. Welcome to the mission of the Angels, to the wisdom of the Ascended Ones, and to the Service of the Godhead. Take the Water of Angels and pour it over your head now, Friend of the Angels. Remember, I am with you always.

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Choosing Your Holy Angel

I. The Choosing

The six Archangels of the Angelic Temple descend now. As the Queen’s form begins to dissipate, she urges you: “Choose the Archangel you wish to align yourself with now, and choose wisely.”

[Choose one of the Archangels now, based on the choice you made during your preparation]

II. The Naming

Now that you’ve chosen an Archangel, you will add his or her name onto your own magik name to make your Angelic Name. These names may seem common, but they are far from it. If you are of a different gender than your Angel, the names may be changed (but don’t have to be!) as follows:

Raphael – Raphaella or Rafaela

Michael – Michelle or Mikhaela, Mikaila

Gabriel – Gabrielle or Gabriella

Auriel – Uriel . Auriel is feminine, Uriel is masculine

Sandalphon – Sandalphon (no change for gender)

Metatron – Metatron (no change for gender)

Your name is now a part of your signature. This doesn’t mean that you have to sign your name with it, but it is your name now – and you may sign it whenever you wish. It will help to identify you as an initiate of the Angelic Alliance.

III. The Marking

Now that you have chosen the Archangel you’ll be working with, you need to mark yourself with his or her Elemental symbol.

Fire (Michael) = triangle pointing up

Earth (Auriel) = square

Air (Raphael) = circle

Water (Gabriel) = crescent shape, balanced with both points pointing up

Ether / Spirit (Sandalphon) = oval standing up (this is the olive or egg shape, too!) Ether or Spirit is the 5th element and infuses all the other four

Deity (Metatron) = the four letters, YHVH

You should put this mark on your forehead with an oil of your choice, try to associate that oil with the Element of your angel, if you can. Olive oil is great for both Metatron and Sandalphon, and in a pinch can serve for all the others. Corn oil can be used for Auriel, but shouldn’t be used for any others. Mineral oil / otherwise known as baby oil, can be used for Raphael, and water mixed with salt (in other words salt-water) can be used for Gabriel.

Gifts from the Archangels

Now Raphael steps from his place near the altar, and he says:

I am Raphael, and you have been initiated into my workings of mind and thought. Because you have agreed to work with me, I will now give my gifts to you. I give you the gift of intelligence, that it may help you to understand the workings of the Godhead, as well as the doings of mankind. I give you the gift of wisdom, that it may help you to discern between truth and lies, and that you may impart wisdom upon others. I give you the gift of right judgment, that you will know the right things to do in the variety of situations that will be thrust upon you as a being of light. I have given you these gifts out of perfect love and perfect trust. Use them wisely and as a light-worker.

Feel these gifts flowing into you, literally increasing within you. As you feel the flow of these energies, ask Raphael for a gift of your choice, by saying:

O Wise Raphael, I ask you for this gift, a fruit of the Element of Air. I ask for the gift of _________.

I grant your petition, Initiate, and grant you the gift of __________.

Now Michael steps forward, and offers you his gifts:

I am Michael, and you have been initiated into my workings of spirit and obedience. Because you have agreed to work with me, I will now give my gifts to you. I give you the gift of faith, may it help you to overcome all obstacles in your path. I give you the gift of strength, may it help you to fight against the evils of mankind as well as unseen evils, which are very real in your world. I give you the gift of loyalty, may it help you to never waver from your light-working path. I have given you these gifts out of perfect love and perfect trust. Use them courageously and as a light-worker.

You petition:

O Faithful Michael, I ask you for this gift, a fruit of the Element of Fire. I ask for the gift of ______.

I grant your petition, Initiate, and grant you the gift of __________.

Gabriel comes forward, and offers his gifts:

I am Gabriel, guardian of the Mother-Goddess mysteries, and you have been initiated into Her workings of emotion and life. Because you have agreed to work with me, I will now give my gifts to you. I give you the gift of love, which will help you to be as the Godhead, loving others above yourself. I give you the gift of patience, which will help you to lead a better life, a life that isn’t filled with waiting and worry. I give you the gift of mercy, which will make you as the Mother, who brings mercy to all of mankind. I have given you these gifts out of perfect love and perfect trust. Use them lovingly and as a light-worker.

You petition:

O Clement Gabriel, I ask you for this gift, a fruit of the Element of Water. I ask for the gift of _________.

I grant your petition, Initiate, and grant you the gift of __________.

Auriel steps forward, and offers her gifts:

I am Auriel, and you have been initiated into my workings of matter and balance. Because you have agreed to work with me, I will now give my gifts to you. I give you the gift of vigor, that you may never tire of the endless work that you will do for the Godhead. I give you the gift of balance, that your life will be kept in step with the will of the Godhead. I give you the gift of magik, which is a part of nature itself, that you may use it to grow in your faith and fight the forces of darkness. I have given you these things out of perfect love and perfect trust. Use them for the good of your material world, and use them as a light-worker.

You petition:

O Mystical Auriel, I ask you for this gift, a fruit of the Element of Earth. I ask for the gift of _________.

I grant your petition, Initiate, and grant you the gift of ___________.

The Archangels begin to fade, and with them your view of the temple. But as they do, Metatron comes near and speaks for all of them. He says to you:

I am an angel of the Presence, I dwell at the very throne.  I come now as a Messenger, an Angelos, directly from HE and SHE who sit thereon.  SHE was here earlier, for she has come to dwell among the earth-walkers. He remains in the highest heaven, the Seventh Heaven.  He does not come down to Earth often, but sends instead his Angeloi (angels / messengers).  When the Malkah Malakim (Queen of the Angels) was here for your Initiation vows, she gave you her name as Queen of the Angels and also as the Lady of the Hosts.  

I am here to speak now for He who is LORD OF THE HOSTS.  It is his wish that his name be your sacred word of passage into the next Degree, the 1st Degree of the Angelic Alliance.  His name is ADONAI TSAVAOT.  You are given the power of this name.  Mark it well and forget it not, for you will need it to enter the Study Chamber for the Angelic Initiate degree.*

Thus you will be entering each time IN HIS NAME, endorsed by we members of the Heavenly Hosts, by both the Lady and Lord of Hosts.   You are now an Angelic Initiate, a true Ally of the Angels, an Angel-Worker in the First Degree.

We are the Angels, and you are our friend and ally. Go now in peace and love, and use the gifts we have given you.  This Temple will never leave your heart, and neither will we. You will continue to work closely with one or two of us for the next several months, but always remember that we are allavailable to you…and to all those who call upon us sincerely. 

[*you will type it into the password window as adonaitsavaot .  It is long and not so easy to remember, but sound it out in your mind and speak it out loud several times to program your mind with the power of this name.  Ah-doh-nye  Tsah-vah-yote]

Please send a report of your initiation to the Mystery School .  The Registrar will then put your user name into the password system for the next 3AA Study Hall.  You have been given the password to the Angelic Alliance First Degree Study Hall, so you are ready to enter as soon as you are in the system. Practice saying the password every day for a minute, or as you drift off to sleep. You can make it a chant or mantra. Ah-doh-nye Tsah-vah-yote.  Practice and repetition will help you sound it out with the true Hebrew spelling and thus make memorizing the spelling easier:  Adonai Tsavaot.

By the way, this exact name is used in the Bible in Psalms alot. Any time it says Lord of the Hosts in English, the actual name of God in the original Hebrew text is Adonai Tsavaot.

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