If you don’t already have Margaret Starbird’s book Goddessin the Gospels, please get it right away.  You will need it to complete these lessons.

Lesson 1:  Preface, Chap. 1: Pilgrim in Provence & Chap. 2: Bound on Earth

Lesson 2:  Chap. 3: The Dark Bride

Lesson 3:  Chap. 4: The Community Emmanuel; Chap. 5: The Destroying Mountain

Lesson 4:  Chap. 6: Our Lady of the Quest, Chap.7: The Fall of Babylon; Chap. 8: Harrowing Hell

Lesson 5:  Chap. 9: Magdalene’s Legacy; Chap.10: Lord of the Fishes

Lesson 6:  Chap. 11: A New Song; Chap. 12: The Sacred Reunion

Lesson 7:  Appendices 1 thru 4: Gematria, Hieros Gamos & the Mustard Seed, Mary’s Name & the Vesica Piscis, A Beacon to God’s Realm

2nd OMM Study Hall