TC Chapter 4: The Dead Sea Community

1)   Where and when were the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered?

2)   What Jewish sect once lived there?

3)   Who is a prime candidate for the title, “The Teacher of Righteousness?”

4)  What do we know about the day to day life of the Essenes?

5)   T/F: The Essenes were pacifist to the core.

6)   With what other group of Jews were the Essenes most likely associated with?

7)   What does The War Scroll imply concerning the Essenes?

8)   What do the authors point out as being the similarities between the Essenes and the Cistercians?

9)   T/F: James thought that Christianity was for non-Jews as well as Jews.

10)  T/F: There is evidence that the Cistercians were not as friendly to Rome as they appeared.

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TC Chapter 5: The Hidden Years

1)  What problems did the Roman Empire have with Christians?

2)  T/F: Constantine came from a long line of Emperors.

3)  Constantine was likely a follower of the cult of ___ _______.

4)  What Edict finally completely legalized Christianity?

5)  What happened to those groups who didn’t agree with the results of the Nicean Council?

6)  T/F: Roman Catholicism was the result of Constantine’s work.

7)  What’s significant about Glastonbury?

8)  Who were the original spiritual leaders of the people of Britain and Gaul? How long did they train before being considered proficient?

9)  How life changing was the Synod of Whitby for Culdean Christians?

10)  Who was Arius and why is he significant?

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TC Chapter 6: The Pattern Emerges

1)  Who was the first Christian king of the Franks?

2)  Who most likely killed him, and why?

3)  What happened to Europe with the emergence of the Carolingians,particularly with Charlemagne? [Intriguing Charlemagne trivia: Did you know Charlemagne is buried sitting up on a throne with his bony hand portruding out and pointing to an open Bible page to the verse, “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?”]

4)  How did these changes effect the Church of the day? Did Rome support these changes from the beginning, or was there some resistance at first?

5)  Were these changes easily accepted by people?

6)  Where did the resistance begin to concentrate?

7)  Where were the people of Burgundy originally from? Give a brief overview of Burgundian history.

8)  List three reasons for the First Crusade.

9)  Who was Godfroi de Bouillon?

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