Templar Continuum Course aka Knights Templar Revealed

Please complete all the following lessons based on Butler and Dafoe’s way-cool book, The Templar Continuum, Following the Golden Thread thru the Tapestry of Time. Please note in 2006 this book was renamed The Knights Templar Revealed and got a gorgeous new cover. Get your copy here.

Lesson 1: Orthodox & Unorthodox Traditions
Lesson 2:  A Garden of Eden
Lesson 3:  The Melting Pot
Lesson 4:  The Dead Sea Community
Lesson 5:  The Hidden Years
Lesson 6:  The Pattern Emerges
Lesson 7:  Towards a New Ideal
Lesson 8:  The Mellifluous Doctor
Lesson 9:  The Cistercian Monks
Lesson 10:  The Cistercian’s Day Lesson 11:  The Templars
Lesson 12:  A Day in the Life
Lesson 13:  A Daring Plan
Lesson 14:  Consolidation
Lesson 15:  The Founding Fathers
Lesson 16:  Triumph
Lesson 17:  The Seeds of Disaster
Lesson 18:  The Annals of Infamy
Lesson 19:  The Aftermath
Lesson 20:  The End of an Era

2nd Deg. Templar Study Hall