NON-Combatant  VERSION

Be sure to review the Preparations for this initiation

Vigil of Arms

Fasting:  To purify your body and soul, remind you that you’re human and physically humble, and remind you that as a holy warrior you will defend the poor and hungry, seeing to their needs and causes whenever called to.

Cut lock of hair, offer it on altar
Take a cleansing bath
Lay down on your bed and hold still for seven minutes.  This symbolizes the death of all your past mistakes.

1st Robing (wear initiation cord). Long white tunic symbolizing your new purity.  If you have something like this, put it on.  Otherwise imagine it.  Some initiates use a simple white garment or even their baptismal garment/robe.  Stay in your bedroom or the bathroom — just try to be in different room from your altar for all of the robings until it is time to proceed to your altar as though entering the chapel.

Array the equipment and weapons of your combatant partner. If he is already initiated you still do this. If no physical partner, a Templar of Old “ghost”will join you. He may not be initiated alongside you depending on how far he got before death.  Array all the weapons before the altar on the floor, a table or on the altar itself.  Now leave the altar area. You will not return until you are further prepared and robed.

2nd Robing:  Red garment with long sleeves and a hood. Symbolizing you are now prepared to shed your own blood doing God’s work.

3rd Robing:  Then, a close-fitting black coat was put on over top everything else to remind him that everyone eventually meets death, and that a knight should never fear that death.

Holy Watch
Visualize yourself entering the Templar Chapel.  Walk to its altar [walk to your altar].  Lie prostrate (like a sword), wait for sunrise

Sword moves. Go thru the paces.  When a sword is coupled with a wielder, it serves its purpose.  Though you hold the sword in this exercise,you must imagine you are the sword.

Trial for Honor

Charging of the Weapons
Visualize each weapon one at a time.  See it glowing in the astral realm before you.  Charge it up.  Embue it with holy energy.  You are the channel of this force from God/dess.  Picture moonlight type of light streaming out of you and into the weapon or tool.

Sacred Marriage Rite [Need image of a chalice and a blade]
He holds sword, you the chalice (similar to modern wiccan great rite). This takes the place of the spurs being awarded. More fun, eh?

You are now formally declared a Daughter of Tsion (or Cleric of Tsion)

Making Quaternal Sign of the Cross


Pick up the Quaternity Chart that you printed or drew.

Hold it up and turn it slightly so that you end up looking at a big red X instead of a red plus sign. Turn it so that spirit is at the top of the circle.See that Red X? Spirit at the top? There is a canted version of this on the initiation preparation page. Hold it with your left hand and keep looking at it, and take your right hand to touch your forehead. That’s spirit – Father God. Now lower your hand and touch the middle of your chest. That’s Body,Mother God. Keep looking at the chart. As you know from the Catechumen Lessons,we will next go to the right as opposed to the left when making the sign of the cross. Take your hand upward and touch the right side of your chest almost to the shoulder. That’s God-the-Son, the Word, and Mind and he sits”on the right hand” of the Father. Now end up by touching your heart on the left side of your chest. That’s Mary Magdalene of course, the hidden “heart”and soul of Christianity. So do the whole thing again. Touch forehead, down to middle of chest, over to the right and end up on the left.

You have made an equal bar cross across your body and have overlaid it with the Red X which forms the dividing lines between the four realms or dimensions.You sort of pull in that Red X, symbol of the Quaternal Godhead. The Red X is a mysterious coded symbol used by the hidden Grail (heretical) Church and can be seen in many Mary Magdalene paintings, as well as other Grail Church documents, watermarks and writings.

You have been given the password, and now the secret sign for this degree is…

… “The Red X”

Crossing your middle two fingers, especially of the left hand, is the hand gesture for this degree. If you are having trouble doing this with your fingers,don’t worry about it. But try hard! You take your MIDDLE two fingers and cross them. You know the saying, “cross your fingers.” Well, this is just like that only using the middle two fingers instead of the first two. Often this is done with both hands at once, but you can make the sign with your left hand only.

Eucharistic Rite


Non-Combatant Version of the Initiation

Be sure to review the Preparations for this initiation.

Vigil of Arms

Read this informative article on the Vigil of Arms( This will help you understand the historical context of what we are doing in this initiation. You are part of an almost 800-year-old history of dedication to God through the Knighthood.Meditate on this as you prepare for the ceremony.


For at least 12 hours before your initiation, please abstain from eating.You may have beverages, but try to limit them to water only. Since the ceremony will take place an hour before dawn, this means you’ll just have to fast during the evening hours. (If you have a medical condition that precludes fasting, eat only what you need to eat for your health.)

Fasting serves several purposes. First, it acts to purify both your body and your soul (as long as your attitude is correct; read Isaiah 58 for more on this!). Second, it serves as a reminder that you’re human and physically humble. Knighthood, or connection with the Knights Templar as a non-combatant,does not make you immune to your own physicality. You may need to remind your knight of this from time to time! Third, it reminds you that as a holy warrior you will defend the poor and hungry, seeing to their needs and causes whenever called to do so. Your own hunger will help you identify with the hungry and poor of the world. For these reasons, many people of various religious persuasions worldwide take a time of fasting on a regular basis.

Preparation of the Altar

Array your equipment and weapons of your combatant partner on your altar area. If he is already initiated you still do this. If you have no physical partner, a Templar of Old (some might call him a “ghost”; he will appear to you in astral form, just as he did in the first initiation) will join you. He may not be initiated beside you; this depends on how far he got before death. Cut a lock of your hair and leave it on the altar. Have ready in your altar area the red and black cord, your white initiation cord, the elements of the Eucharist (some wine or grape juice and a bit of bread), and the Quaternity Chart that you’ve either drawn or printed out. You might want to use the red Magdala candle and the white or gold Yeshua candle that are used in other initiations, symbols of the Lord and His Lady, whose cause you will join as a Cleric of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon. Have matches or a lighter handy to light candles if used. You will also need a chalice(symbolizing the Holy Grail) and a blade of some sort; a short knife will work.

After you have prepared all the items for the altar, leave the altar area if possible. Do not return to the altar until you are ready to begin the actual initiation.

Approximately One Hour Before Sunrise (the day of your initiation)

Take a cleansing bath. If you don’t wish to disturb your household at such an early hour, wash your body with a damp cloth. As you cleanse your body,pray that your whole being might be dedicated to God’s service.

After you are clean, put on white undergarments (a t-shirt and underwear would be fine at this point) and lay down on your bed. (It would be nice if you made it first!) Lie still for seven minutes, but don’t fall asleep!By this action you are symbolizing the death of your past actions. You might want to ask forgiveness for past mistakes during this time. Be sure to forgive yourself in the process!

When the seven minutes has passed, put on your white initiation cord (put your right arm through-it should be worn up on the left shoulder, going diagonally over your body to your right hip).

Approaching the altar

Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself and “center”. Now imagine you are transported back in time to the Middle Ages. You are preparing for your initiation in your room.

A knock breaks the silence and you jump, though you’ve been expecting this for some time now. You open the door and two clerics nod in greeting, turning to walk toward the chapel. You follow them in silence. It’s comforting to know that these two have gone through this before, as have many others.

Though the path toward the chapel is familiar to you, it seems to take longer to get there this morning. Your curiosity almost drives you to ask the clerics the questions that are running through your mind, but you catch yourself just in time.

Just inside the chapel, you are stopped in the foyer area. Two more clerics are waiting. One of them asks you sternly, “Have you prepared yourself for this rite according to your instructions?” Your mind whirls through what you were told to do; yes, you think you’ve covered everything. “Yes,” you respond. “Then take on this white robe, to symbolize your purity of body,soul, and spirit.” The second cleric holds out the robe and you step into it, wrapping the belt around your waist.

The first brother nods. “Now present the weapons of your chosen knight to the service of the Lord and the Lady.” You panic momentarily; where are the weapons? You left them to be consecrated. But a movement to your right turns your head just in time to see them laid out on the table in the foyer of the chapel. You take each one in turn, repeating after the brother knight,”I dedicate this (name the weapon) to the service of the Lord and the Lady,and I dedicate myself to help my knight use it in justice and truth.” As each weapon is handed to the other cleric, a figure in the shadows blesses them. The green cloak reveals that this is either a cleric or a Daughter of Tsion, assisting you in your pledge and praying for your success in battle.You feel the strength of these prayers surge through you as you conclude the dedication of the weapons.

The dedication finished, you face the cleric again. “Take on the red garment,symbol of your willingness to shed your own blood for the cause of God’s work. Draw the hood over your head in representation of your own death, which you are willing to suffer for the cause of justice.” The second cleric holds out the red robe, which you place over the white one and draw close to you.A shiver runs down your spine as you see flashes of battle-death before your eyes. You draw a deep breath before nodding to the cleric to continue.

“Take on the black garment, symbol of death. All will die, so you need not fear death. Wrap it around you, get to know it, so you will not run from death when it threatens you.” The second cleric holds out the black robe,and you wrap it around you, over the other two robes. A chill settles over you, despite the layers of clothing. You feel like a cloud has descended over your soul. You are tempted to run, but you feel another surge of courage;you glance over at the green-robed person and nod in thanks. Another deep breath and you face the cleric again.

He looks at you and nods slightly. “Stand watch, for the hour is short.”The doors of the chapel open and you walk inside toward the altar. Once there,you lie prostate before the altar and wait for sunrise. As you wait you meditate on what you have experienced so far, and wonder what’s ahead.

Your reverie is broken at sunrise, when another cleric suddenly steps up near the altar. “Arise, and show how you will help your knight to defend the cause of God,” he says. You rise up, adrenaline rushing, and go through the sword stances, just as you had been taught. At first it seems strange to be posturing for battle in God’s house, but as you continue you feel His approval, and courage rises up in your heart. As you move through the sword stances and the use of each weapon, you can feel yourself pouring through the battle-instruments. You become the weapon!

Panting slightly, and perspiring due to the layers of robes, you finish your sword stances. The cleric watching you nods in approval.

Trial for Honor

Charging of the Weapons

Now visualize the weapons one at a time. See it glowing in the astral realm before you. Charge it up. Embue it with holy energy. You are the channel of this force from God/dess. Picture moonlight streaming out of you and into the weapon or tool.

Sacred Marriage Rite

As you catch your breath following the Charging of the Weapons, your knight walks up beside you. He holds out the knife blade toward you. Fortunately you know he’s not threatening you; he’s helping you with the next part of your rite. You hold up the chalice, representing the Goddess. He holds the blade, representing God. As he places the blade inside the chalice, he says,”Thus is our union sealed; thus do I represent God in the sacred marriage.I charge you to stand fast in this union.” You add your part after him, “Thus is our union sealed; thus do I represent Goddess in the sacred marriage.I charge you to stand fast in this union.” You lock eyes with your knight,and the power of God/dess flows through both of you. You feel as if you are uniting not just with this knight, but with God and Goddess. Ancient echoes rattle in your brain; you remember this rite in your distant past. You, and your ancestors, have done this before!

Initiation continues with Quaternal Sign of the Cross and the Eucharist