Mary and Other Goddesses

Other Goddesses

“When you pray to Mary, mother of Jesus, you
pray, without knowing it, to the World Mother in one of her many

–The Mists of Avalon

Canadian 18th Century

Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré


Just like any other Goddess, Mary has many different
titles. She appears in many different forms (or personifications) and has
many different attributes. She is known for what is sacred to her, the gifts
she has given, and whom she especially protects.

While the topic “Mary and Other Goddesses” is discussed in almost every
section of this website, this page is intended as an easy reference for
comparing Mary to the specific Goddesses discussed here.

Tradition holds that Mary ascended into heaven before she became an old
woman, before she became a crone. But Mary does share characteristics with
the Dark Goddesses, especially as
Our Lady of Sorrows
and as
The Black Madonna.


Sacred To Mary
Gifts from Mary
Protector Of

Other Goddesses

Anat Aphrodite Artemis Asherah Astarte
Brigit Cybele Demeter Diana Hecate Ishtar Isis Juno Kuan Yin
Maat Maeve Sophia Venus


Mary bears more titles than could be collected here. Some
titles refer to her personifications, such as: Immaculate
Virgin, Most Holy Virgin, Blessed Virgin, Ever-Virgin; Madonna,
Holy Mother, Mother Mary, Divine Mother, Cosmic Mother, Mother
of God, God-Bearer, Theotokos; Bride of Christ, Bride of God,
Bride of the Church; Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Peace;
Black Madonna, and Black Virgin.

Some are specific personifications, such as: Our Lady
of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our
Lady of Czestochowa, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and The Holy
Mother of Akita, just to name a few.

Other titles refer to Mary’s attributes, such as: Mediatrix,
Co-Redemptrix, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of the Helping
Hand, Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Our Lady of Good Counsel,
Our Lady of Mercy, and Lady of Valor.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Mario Parial (Philippines b. 1945)

Dr. and Mrs. Yolando Sulit Collection


Mary’s most common personifications in the liturgy and in art are
, and
. Slightly less-common are protrayals of her as
(a role shared with
Mary Magdalen
) and as
Black Madonna

The Wilton Diptych
c. 1395
The National Gallery, London

Mary has almost as many attributes as she has titles. Again,
it would be impossible to catalog them all here. She is
known for granting mercy and giving help to all those who
call upon her; for sharing burdens and sorrows; for bestowing
healing, peace, guidance, grace, and love; for providing
protection; for granting gifts, miracles, visions, and victory;
and for interceeding with Mighty Forces (including God the
Father and the Son) on behalf of her petitioners.

Sacred To Mary

Sacred to Mary are red and white roses, pearls, and the
colors blue, white, and gold.

Gifts from Mary

Mary is noted for giving many paintings, icons, and statues to her
devoted followers, as well as the rosary (prayer beads), the scapular
(a garment worn for protection), and the Miraculous Medal (with
her image on it). Perhaps her most precious gifts are her miracles
and apparitions, reported in increasing numbers each year.


Mary is known as the special Protectress of children, young maidens,
mothers, childbirth, those devoted to chastity, sailors, and the

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