Have you always felt called? Called to serve others in time of crisis? As
an Ordained Minister you can legally give spiritual counseling, readings,
and all other religious services, including performing weddings. You can
legally accept money for your services, file taxes as a clergy member,
and get tax exempt status. With the credentials you receive
our incorporated non-profit Church and Seminary you may set up your own
counseling and/or healing practice or even start your own church or wedding
chapel. Feel good about what you do. Make a living doing what you were born
to do, what you love to do.

A November, 2008 study listed clergy and ministry as one of the top 10 careers to prosper during economic hardtimes.  People are turning to clergy now more than ever, and alternative non-denominational ministers are in high demand.


Religion in the

Businesses Benefit from

Articles describe growing job opportunities for
spiritual & metaphysical practitioners. The corporate world is realizing
its need for ministers and “chaplains” of ALL spiritual


One of our Ordained ministers and
, Dr. Lauri, pictured right, has been on CNN and Good Morning
America where she discussed her dream interpretation healing /counseling
practice.  Dr. Lauri used her Interfaith Minister ordination from
us to perform her sister’s wedding in Tennessee. Her website is
where you can view her TV appearances (she also appeared on ABC’s The
View & CNN’s Anderson Cooper).

Our Esoteric Interfaith Church and Seminary, Inc. both LICENSES and ORDAINS ministers. If you wish to become a minister in order to perform a wedding, you may waive the course requirement and become a Licensed Minister immediately. If you wish to become an Ordained Minister you must complete our Seminary Ordination Course. (At any time in the future for no extra cost, a Licensed Minister may take the Seminary Ordination Course and become an Ordained Minister.) Please Note: an Ordained Minister is also considered a Licensed Minister, but a Licensed Minister is not also called an Ordained Minister.

You may be ordained as one of the following titles, or you may design a
clergy title of your choice (read on for more on designing your own title):


bltblue The Interfaith Minister  is
our most popular title.  You may become a Licensed Interfaith Minister or an Ordained Interfaith Minister. The Interfaith Minister is often called upon
to heal gaps between the many disparate religious faiths. This title is a
good choice if you plan to perform weddings, work in prison or hospital ministry.
 To be ordained as an Interfaith minister means you recognize all positive
spiritual paths regardless of denomination, including healing and earth-based
traditions and make no judgements against other valid spiritual faiths.  
It is also an excellent choice if you consider yourself a multi-faith minister.


The Esoteric
Minister title is available only to those who complete the Seminary Ordination Course, and wish to become an Ordained Minister. The Esoteric Minister serves humanity by studying and expounding the inner core of
the world’s religions and spiritual wisdom traditions. S/he ministers to the
esoteric and alternative communities — other souls turning within for
spirituality instead of to mainstream. The word esoteric is Greek and
means “inner”, denoting inner gnosis, wisdom, and knowledge pursued
only by the “chosen few.” All Esoteric Minister candidates should
study our tenets of faith to make sure you are in line with the esoteric
philosophy of the church, and then complete the Seminary Ordination Course.


bltblue This title is somewhat
“generic” and therefore versatile, suitable for any minister, Licensed or Ordained. Spiritual Minister is also a good
title for mystics — people who attempt to directly connect with the Divine
on some level. If you recognize that spirit is just as important in every
human’s life as mind and body, and if you want to minister to folks to correct
that imbalance, this is the title for you.  


bltblue The Psychic Minister serves
the Divine and his or her community by use of extra-sensory skills and conscious
interaction with the multi-verse (universe).  This is a good title if
you plan to do divination in your pastoral counseling practice.  Remember
that the word psychic comes from the Greek word for “soul.”  So this
designation has a deeper layer of meaning — a minister of souls.
You may waive the Seminary Ordination Course and become a Licensed Psychic Minister, but if you wish to become an Ordained Psychic Minister you must take our Psychic Counselors Homestudy Course
(at no extra charge).


 The four titles above
are the most popular, but we allow you to design your own. Here are a few
of the other minister titles we’ve ordained over the years:  Healing
Touch Minister, Youth Minister, Ordained Rabbi, Gnostic Minister, Priest,
Shaman, Reiki Healer, Ordained Celtic Druid Minister,
Teutonic Chaplain, Interfaith Chaplain, Pastoral Counseling Minister, etc.
 Don’t hesitate to design your own ministerial title.  As long
as it’s positive and the intent is to help humanity, it is acceptable.

You may also combine titles such as Spiritual-Interfaith Minister or
Esoteric-Spiritual, Psychic-Interfaith, Interfaith-Mystic etc.

All of these titles, whether Licensed or Ordained, enable you to legally perform weddings, funerals, baptisms,
Mass (give Communion), and offer pastoral counseling, including intuitive
readings. You may legally attach Reverend, Pastor, Chaplain, etc. to your
name, and accept money for your services. You will also have the option of
filing your taxes as a clergy-member and applying for tax-exempt status with
IRS.  You can even start your own church and order a legal Church Charter
founding document from us. You name the church whatever you choose
to suit your specific ministry.

If you want more than one title, additional ministerial
titles with separate certificates are available to you for a minimal
paperwork fee. You will be able to order them when filling out your

Interfaith Church, Inc. (legally incorporated non-profit)

The Esoteric Theological Seminary is the educational institution
of the Esoteric Interfaith Church (which has under its umbrella
also the Metaphysical Interfaith Church). The E.I.C. is an incorporated
non-profit and non-denominational church that accepts, acknowledges
and respects all faiths of the world that are dedicated to the service
of the Divine.  Our Ministers come from all walks of life and
educational backgrounds. Many start their own branches of the E.I.C.,
or start their own totally independent churches. The Minister may
serve a congregation or have a pastoral counseling practice. His
or her emphasis may be on teaching or healing or on performing the
sacraments and religious ceremonies.  Our Ordinations are legal
in all 50 States, unlike ordinations from other organizations such
as ULC (Universal Life Church and its affiliates) who ordain you
online without screening, without collecting written work from the
minister candidate.  Therefore ULC ministers cannot officiate
weddings in dozens of States and cities such as NYC, but our ministers
are perfectly legal and officiate weddings, being legal in all 50
states and all cities.  Our by-laws specifically allow the
Church to ordain ministers as the need arises, as we have screened
them, trained them, seen their work and judged their spiritual commitment.

Complete these steps to become a Licensed and/or Ordained Minister:

Step 1: Write a one-page or more biography
of your spiritual history from childhood to the present. Submit to the

Step 2: Write a paragraph or two describing
your current work as an un-ordained Minister telling the Ordaining Council
how ordination will help you in your work as a healer or counselor or whatever
it is you do. Submit to the

Step 3: Submit completed
application and $150 one-time tuition fee (you will be sent to the payment page automatically after you complete the application).

Step 4: Ordained Minister applicants only: Complete the Seminary Ordination Course. Licensed Minister applicants skip to Step 5.

Step 5: We send you (via US Priority Mail)
your official, beautiful Ordination Certificate with gold raised seal,
suitable for framing.

If you have a question, feel free to
 And be sure to check out our FAQ page to see
what others have asked.


Minister tuition is $150. This is a one-time only
cost. We accept
Paypal, major credit cards and money orders. Personal checks are accepted but take 10 extra days to clear. The $150 tuition fee covers the record keeping (we must keep a permanent file on
each minister to document and validate your credentials) legal certificate
with beautiful gold raised seal. We also provide a lifetime reference
for our Ministers / Practitioners and Alumni. Any time you
need a reference—occupational, credit or personal—-you may use one
of our officers or our organization (or both). We also verify your credentials
to if you have (or want to start) an online counseling practice
with them, thus enabling you to make more money doing what you love
— helping and guiding others on the spiritual path.

Practitioner’s Directory
You are also entitled to place your entry in our online Practitioner’s
Directory for free. This gets your church and/or practice some needed
exposure and gives people in your area a way of contacting you by email
or telephone.


Please keep in mind that we are a legally incorporated non-profit
. We are not here to make money which is why our costs are
so low.  We’ve never raised them in fact since we started ordaining
ministers in 1987.  It is worth pointing out that organizations offering
to ordain you for free online are usually not recognized.  In other
words, you will not be able to perform weddings or get any kind of legitimate
recognition for your ministry, not be able to get tax exempt status, etc.
as you can with us in all 50 States. ULC ordinations for instance are not
accepted in 32 States and counting.  When you go to the Courthouse to
prove you are a minister, you want to have a bonafide Ordination Certificate
with a raised seal, signed in person by the ordaining body.  We are
recognized in all 50 States and many countries around the world. Our ministers
perform weddings and legally provide pastoral counseling, readings, healings,
etc. all over the world.

Wallet Minister ID Cards
We also offer laminated wallet-size credential cards which declare your
credentials for $10. For an additional $5 we can add your photo to the ID
card. (Please
or snail mail a passport photo, or similar photo of you).

Minister Manual

You may also order our beautiful white hard-cover
Interfaith Minister’s Manual with ceremonies
(everything from weddings, funerals, christenings/namings, mass/eucharist
to traditional Catholic exorcisms), rituals and blessings (for houses, people,
altars and even how to bless musical instruments!) spanning all faiths from
Roman Catholicism to Native American. $31


If you have a question, feel free to
 And be sure to check our FAQ page to see what
others have asked. Refund

Once ordained, you may wish join to the
ETS Ordained Minister Forum & Newsletter

Read this inspiring adaptation of Isaiah 61, the
Universal Ministry as you answer the Call to

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