Day 1:   Magdala, Madonna & Child, John the Baptiser

Art:   Here we see the Magdala with the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus, along with John the Baptist. Mary Magdala is often portrayed as”attending” the mother of Jesus. Her age in these various portraits varies from a young child to a young adult.   [Katia inserts: Saints were often painted frozen in time at their most significant role.  John the Baptiser and Magdala’s most important roles are as adults.  Mother Mary’s is as the Madonna, with baby on her lap.  Yeshua is painted at all ages,this one in his divine child role.  Time was not considered by the painters. It is very unlikely there was such a large age difference between Yeshua and the Magdala, if anything he might have been older than her.  And notice that John the Baptiser, born six months before Yeshua according to Matthew and Mark, is also shown as an adult.]

It is interesting to contemplate the idea that Yeshua and Magdala may have known each other as children. If they were both of the Davidic line, it’s altogether possible.

Mysteries & Symbols:  Notice John’s arms in the Chi (or X) position which was sign language for Christ is Risen.  Remember the drawing of that arm “sign” in our Rose Cross lesson of this study hall.

Devotional:  Yeshua was taken for granted by many who grew up with him. His own family didn’t even believe in his mission for awhile. If Mary Magdala did know Yeshua as a child, how do you think that would have affected how she perceived him as an adult? What were the possible advantages to such a close personal tie?

The Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalen

by CIMA da Conegliano
Wood, 167 x 110 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris

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