Day12:  Exile

Art:  Magdalene Teaching on the Docks — and saying goodbye to Jerusalem.  Note the harbor, a depiction of Mary Magdala’s voyage to France after Yeshua’s resurrection. Note the people listening, the colors used. Her sister and brother, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany, as well as Joseph of Arimethea might be somewhere in this painting since they went with her to France.  Sarah of Egypt, her legendary daughter, would have been present, too, since the legends in France say they all arrived in a boat with no oars.  Click on the link above to go to a clearer and more detailed version of this painting.  Magdalene and her party left Jerusalem around44 A.D. during the persecutions of early Christians and Jesus’ family. Jesus’ younger brother James was killed in Jerusalem in 62 A.D.

Devotional:  A woman preaching? Who would bother to listen? If it was Mary Magdala, evidently quite a few would listen. Can you imagine what she might have said to these folks? Were they Christians or not? How would she have related to the women, to the men? Would she have altered her message for either group, to make her words acceptable to men?

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