Day 3:  Raising of Lazarus

Art:  Lazarus of Bethany, the brother of Mary Magdala and Martha,and close friend of Yeshua, falls ill and dies. Yeshua resurrected him 4days later. This story actually confirms the idea that Yeshua and the Magdala were married, because if Mary were “sitting shiva” (Jewish mourning rites)for her brother, the only one she could have gone out to see was her husband.See John 11:28-29 for this story and see the Triptych in yesterday’s contemplation fora picture of Mary going out to her husband. Note Magdala’s posture in this painting.

Devotional:  Yeshua was obviously close to the Bethany family.He wept over Lazarus’ death and then brought him back to life. A pretty good friend to have! According to legend, Lazarus later accompanied the Magdala to France, and probably had a hand in helping raise Yeshua’s daughter. Do you think Yeshua knew this when he raised Lazarus from the dead? How do you think this event affected Magdala’s life?

Duccio di Buoninsegna. Maestà (back, predella): The Raising of Lazarus.1308-11. Tempera on wood panel. Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, USA
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