Day 5:  On the way to Calvary, Carrying of the Cross by Giotto,called the “father of modern painting arts”.

Art:  Magdala looks angry and upset. The man beside her appears to be holding her back. In other paintings of this subject, Mary appears to be keening and grieving. Note the colors in the painting.

Devotional:  How would you react if your beloved spouse were falsely accused of sedition and immediately executed? Would you be tempted to try to rescue him/her? Think of Mary’s position here. Grief, fear, and loss are almost overwhelming her. If she knows she’s pregnant, she also has fear for her child’s future. She might be remembering Yeshua’s predictions of his death. Was she also remembering his promise of resurrection? Did her anointing of him, which was to prepare him for his death, “seal the deal”?Does she feel guilty? Or determined to continue his mission? Such a tangle of emotions on her face!

The Carrying of the Cross, by Giotto. 1304-1306. Fresco. Capella degli Scrovegni, Padua, Italy.

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