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What is this term, Christo-Pagan or Christian-Pagan? Isn’t it a contradiction?  Well, the truth is: your ancestors were probably Christo-Pagans.  In Europe the historical Dual Faith period lasted from approximately 450 AD to 1100 AD, some say it began with Christianity itself. Indeed, Christianity has undeniable pagan roots.  During the Dual Faith period our European ancestors were able to practice both their “pagan” ancestral religions and the “New Religion” coming up from Rome. In many ways we still practice both as Easter Eggs, Halloween and Christmas trees prove. Tolerance of this Dual Faith practice existed in various degrees, depending on one’s country. France was the first to get pretty nasty toward anyone trying to hang onto both faiths, while Scandinavia held onto its paganism (more accurately called heathenism there) the longest of all.

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One of the things modern Dual-Faithers bring back to Christianity is the presence of the Feminine Divine. Too long has Christianity been a lopsided masculine only “family” of God. Ironic that mainstream Christianity uses the phrase “family of God” since it is a dysfunctional family with no females, daughters or spouses. Humans naturally resonate with and respond to both a God and a Goddess. Christo-Paganism restores a much needed balance.

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The Christian Goddess exists, there is even a Hebrew
God-the-Mother, wife of God-the-Father, was long ago removed from the Bible. But not quite. Traces of her worship remain in the Old Testament, and are recorded in other ancient writings. We now know she was equally worshipped and revered right alongside her consort Yahweh, Jehovah, El. She was the Mother Goddess, the Nurturer.

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Judeo-Christian Goddesses

Even Christianity couldn’t quite stamp Her out, and she has come down to us as Mother Mary, Sophia, even
Mary Magdalene. And the Mother Goddess is still part of Christian culture in a watered down form as “Mother Nature.”

Mother Earth or Mother Nature is the spouse whom Yahweh embraces in his original ancient function as the Sky-God. Earth and Sky meet, embrace, and create life in so many of the world’s mythologies and religions. The Divine Feminine Force has always been at work in the universe, co-creating and co-equal with the Divine Masculine. Ignored, forgotten, lost, hidden, veiled, disguised among us… She now emerges from the shadows once again. Have you seen Her yet?

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Here are some perceptive answers to one of our Mary of Nazareth, Christian Goddess lessons from Initiate Reuben Isaac (aka Rick Davis).

1. A masculine force must have a balancing force to exist — a female counterpart. If we are to believe that God is whole, and the author of male and female, it is reasonable to assume that God possesses traits of both sexes.

Further, the idea that God includes a balance of male and female energies might be found when we view the track record of religious history that has been, by and large, male dominated. Such imbalance allows religious history to be virtually synonymous with military history.

This is to say that war is often the result of imbalance. As traditional religious hierarchy stripped feminine energy, it overemphasized aggression, and waged war in a futile effort to convert all people to one “right” mode of thinking. Such rigidity is a symptom of imbalance.

2. The exoteric [mainstream Christian] Church defines Mary as virgin, so that to this day she is often revered to as the Blessed Virgin Mother. In relegating Mary’s role to the “immaculate” and sexless, we find an accounting of her life that denies that she gave birth to other children, had more than one lover, and that she even had sex.

In stripping her of this humanity, she is lowered to the role of a frigid mother, rather than the Goddess of all creation. If we are to accept a God of balance and completeness, there must be a partnership of divine male and female energies.

3. Mary was sanitized in redefining the role that she played in everyday life in relationship to the disciples. The Gospels and Gnostic literature suggest that Mary was revered by the disciples for her wisdom, and power. She was approached by the Disciples as one would approach a Rabbi (learned teacher), and she was shown to possess the mysteries of creation, but unable to utter the words for fear of destruction by fire.

This is to say that her learning contained such power that it could destroy all of the earth. It was a supernatural power that the disciples were not able to comprehend.

This sanitizing was in accordance with the mores of the time. The Rabbinic hierarchy included a complex hierarchy of laws that only allowed men to be Priests. Yet, Mary, “low” in the social hierarchy of her time as a woman, Jew and one born into poverty, was chosen by the Divine partnership to give birth to Divinity. Such a role reversal topples the Rabbinic norms of the time, and introduces power arising from “below.”

This is dangerous for many. It threatens the Divine right of Kings, and introduces the idea of partnership into worship. In such fashion, we move toward another, rather than seeking to dominate. We are defined in equal relationship to another, rather than by adhering to arbitrary standards from one with higher status. Those at ground level are empowered, and those at the top of the hill are asked to make room. Power is no longer consolidated. The Church is redefined from that which codifies law, to a community in equal and loving relationship.

4. Question: How do you picture Mary?

Answer: I am close to Mary, and find the image presented of Mary as suitable. I pray to her — more often than not, through Guadalupe, the image of the Aztec Mother.

I see her as young — as “innocent,” meaning that she is kind, compassionate and still idealistic enough to trust all who come before her.

When I was a child I was struck by the sober white statues of our church. I prefer color — the gleaming energy of Guadalupe — as though her very energy can release sparks of Divinity in all that she touches.

I picture Mary as being surrounded in blue and purple lights. Purple is a mystical color — signifying the layers of love and wisdom that lie beneath the surface. Blue is of sky — expansive — but also of waters…and Mary is the Mother of all. We are largely water, and her energy not only nourishes us, but is in us. The Blue sky protects Mother Earth, as he guardianship is the energy behind all creation. Her waters cleanse all with forgiveness, and banishes fear with the bathing warmth of life giving water. She bathes all with nourishing love — the spiritual “food” that all of us require.

The above questions are part of a lesson from our Mystery
Order of the Divine Mother.

A Short History of the Christian Church — Christianity has Pagan DNA

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Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Saint and Martyr of Esoteric Christianity. Martyred on March 18th, 1314 for refusing to lie by publicly “confessing” the Knights Templar had committed heresy. He went “down in a blaze of glory” for his beliefs and the honor of his Order. Esoteric Christians and Christo-Pagans remember and revere him to this day.  Read about more Saints
of our Esoteric Christian church.


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